Creative Solution For Boosting Online Presence in 2018

Posted By John Edmonds on Nov 27, 2018 |

The Alexa rank for your website is an incredibly important aspect in driving traffic to your website. Through a better Alexa ranking, webmasters can compare and contrast similar competitors using a variety of data streams to determine which site is the best.

Compared to reputable web tools like Google Analytics and Click, the Alexa rank may seem contentious to some as Alexa obtains their information from a browser toolbar extension making the information it collects potentially inaccurate.

alexa rank

Regardless of your stance on Alexa metrics, many businesses still rely on this ranking to estimate traffic flow to a website without having access to direct analytic tools. By gaining a potential estimate through an Alexa ranking advertising agencies can determine how popular your website is and proceed with approving your contract.

How to Increase Alexa Rank

Increasing your Alexa rank will help your website by:

  1. Improving the optics to your website
  2. Intimidates potential competitors
  3. Showcasing the prominence of your websitealexa-rank2





The best online resource available to improve your Alexa ranking is Traffic Starter. This free application sends Alexa compatible traffic to any website and is 100% safe to use. Traffic Starter is perfect for increasing your sites Alexa ranking.